Home of the Colts

Small but powerful, Sunset Elementary School is a place where your child will gain a strong academic foundation and build good character along the way.

Vision Statement

Students achieve excellence with the skills, knowledge, and strength of character to succeed in a dynamic world.

Mission Statement

All students learn at high levels through work that is purposefully designed to be relevant and engaging within a supportive environment.

Individualize Attention

With just over 300 students from kindergarten through 5th grade and only 20 students in our average classroom, we take pride in the fact that students can receive the one-on-one attention each needs from his or her teacher.

Special Services

Our staff is dedicated to providing every student with the tools he or she needs to succeed. Sunset is home to the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Program, the Behavior Program, and the Life Skills Program.

If you ever have questions for us or would like to tour our campus, don’t hesitate to contact us or pay us a visit.

School Improvement Goals

  1. All students will demonstrate growth towards proficiency in English Language Arts, supported by embedded technology.
  2. All students will demonstrate growth towards proficiency in math computation, supported by embedded technology.

School Discipline

At Sunset Elementary School we use the conscious discipline model as a school-wide emotional intelligence, consciousness, and classroom management guide. Within this management guide, classrooms use the ladder system as an immediate consequence for appropriate as well as inappropriate behaviors.

The ladder system looks like this:

  • Wow!
  • Awesome!
  • Super!
  • Great Job!
  • Good Job
  • Warning
  • Time Out
  • Loss of Recess
  • Uh Oh

Students begin every day on ‘Good Job’ and move up and down this ladder dependent upon their behavior. We expect all Sunset students to display the Kid of Character traits at all times. Sunset Elementary School views discipline as an ongoing process that allows students to grow through attaining positive control over their actions and lives.